The History of HCG

In 1954, ATW Simeon suggested Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG for the treatment of Obesity. This was the first time in history this hormone was recommended for body building purposes.  According to reports, the injection of HCG leads to quick mobilization of fat stores, which induced feelings of healthiness. It worked to fight off weakness and hunger in a low-calorie diet. This means the dose can help to fight of the efficiency of protein and vitamin.drops

It Showed Potential

The deficiencies of body minerals are the known side effects of low-calorie diet. The story doesn’t end here; it was also found out that HCG can be used to treat some health problems. The significance of this hormone for body building was proved as it showed potential. Yes, it showed potential for treating Gout, ulcers, and a few skin diseases.

It was surprising that no proper study was performed back then. Yes, there were only a few subjective observations about this. Therefore, it was no surprise that Simeons observations were listed officially.

Its Progress Today

It’s been decades since HCG was proved beneficial for bodybuilding. Since then, the world saw the introduction of a wide range of HCG supplements. These supplements are used for both purposes, bodybuilding and maintaining regular health.

Moreover, the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin websites are promoting weight loss as they have confidence in their product. The product is designed to help you make your bodies better by losing fat and building muscles.

There are numerous papers which researched and found the possibility of this. This means that studies suggest the HCG can help for fat loss while it improves muscle mass. With evidence that HCG is effective when it comes to treating obesity, it doesn’t bring forward anything about weight loss or redistribution of fat.

How does It help?

This works as it mimics Luteinizing Hormone. The presence of LH makes the Leydig cells that are produced to testosterone in gonads. The effect helps for restoring the size of testes in case they were suppressed from a cycle.  Although this is formally used or pregnancy sorts, it can help to stimulate testosterone production in the male.

Thanks to this fact, the HCG is used by bodybuilding for both long and short time periods.  It also helps to keep the muscle gain continue from the steroid. It’s taken with IGF 1 Ir3 to assist the gains. The Combination of HCG with IGF 1 IR 3 creates a full and lean feeling. This is perhaps the best thing for losing weight and improving your body shape.

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