Importance and Benefits of HCG for Men

Human chorionic gonadotropin aka HCG plays a different role in the body of men and women for sexual development. HCG can affect ovulation and fertility of women, but men are prescribed to use this hormone during testosterone therapy. It is useful to restore or increase the production of testosterone. Typically, the men and women use HCG to reduce excessive weight, and this method is frequently used for its better results. HCG acts like LH (luteinizing hormone) in the males because LH sends a signal to testes for the production of testosterone. Men often undergo a hormone replacement therapy, and their testes may stop the production of testosterone. The use of HCG can remind their testes to produce testosterone.


Why do bodybuilders use HCG?

If your body is unable to produce testosterone, you can use HCG to stimulate its production. Men often suffer from androgen disorders and in this situation, the use of HCG can be beneficial for the production of their testosterone. A round of anabolic steroids can also affect the production of testosterone and weight-lifters often use HCG after steroids to restore the natural cycle of testosterone production. To improve male fertility, HCG is good to use because it can increase sperm counts. Pubescent males can use HCG to rectify their sexual abnormalities.

HCG And Diet

zzzzzzzzz-300x249Physicians often recommend a 500 calorie diet to reduce quickly body weight. It can be hard for you to follow a 500 calorie diet; therefore, you can stick to 1,200 calories diet on an initial level. These diets are vegetarian and require you to drink extra skim milk to get protein. Meat and eggs are the main sources of protein, but in the absence of these ingredients, you can use skim milk. Your age factor plays an important role to determine the level of testosterone, but the use of HCG will help you to manage this level at any age.

To get maximum advantage of HCG, you should follow a proper cycle and use it at the start of testosterone therapy. For body builders, it is essential to use HCG because the steroid can cut off the signals of the brain to their testes and they will stop the production of testosterone that plays an important role in fertility. The right dose of testosterone will help you to reduce the side-effects of steroids.

Benefits of HCG

Steroids are dangerous for your body because it can reduce sperm production; therefore, bodybuilders are advised to use HCG to improve the production of their sperms. HCG is good to improve muscle development and rectify undescended testes. Bodybuilders often count on HCG to alleviate their testosterone levels after using a steroid. HCG stimulates weight loss, but it is essential to consult your physician because its excessive use may lead you to death.

HCG is available as a powder that is mixed with the liquid, but you can also get it to fill your syringes. It is typically injected into your muscles, and you can inject it like insulin with the help of insulin injection.

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